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Red And Black Lace Taffeta Corset by Coquette

Lace Taffeta Corset Bustier by Coquette - Back [1]

Lace Taffeta Corset - Back

   If you’re looking for maximum sexy lingerie [2]then you’ve found it with this unbelievably hot lace taffeta corset by Coquette [1]. This lace taffeta corset is colored red and black (one of my personal favorite color combinations) and features fully boned taffeta, stretch lace and padded cups. The enclosure is a hook-and-eye and the lace pattern is flowered. It’s an interesting corset because it has all the fierceness of a corset yet it’s completely feminine. The red bows on the hips and in the middle of the chest give this bustier a balanced and sexy look. The set comes with the corset, garters, straps and removable bows. This sexy corset it available in sized from Medium to 2x-Large. This is one piece of lingerie you have to add to your collection today!

Lace Taffeta Corset Bustier by Coquette [1]

Lace Taffeta Corset - Front

Lace taffeta corset (M)

Color: Black, Red; Material: Nylon; Weight: 11.5 oz; Product Type: Corset; Manufacturer: Coquette

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