Mini Dress Plus Size

Plus Size Strapped Mini Dress With G-String

Plus size ladies do look fabulous in this mini dress with matching g-string.

Strapped Mini Dress Front
Strapped Mini Dress - Front

   Finding a good looking plus size mini dress can be a real challenge. Well look no further than the Strapped Mini Dress chemise and panty set from DreamGirl. This sexy mini dress is made from black lycra and it stretches tight to fit your every curve. The back is made out of straps for that “through the blinds” look that we’ve all seen in the movies. This mini dress is sheer and see-through on the front which totally highlights the matching G-string. You’ll be driving your man out of his mind when he see’s you wearing this hot little mini dress!

Strapped Mini Dress Rear
Strapped Mini Dress
Strapped mini dress (Plus Size)

Color: Black; Material: Lycra; Weight: 0.1 lb; Product Type: Chemise and panty set; Manufacturer: DreamGirl

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