Bustier Corset

Red And Black Lace Taffeta Corset by Coquette

Red and Black lace taffeta corset bustier by Coquette is maximum sexy lingerie and you must have it for your collection!

Lace Taffeta Corset Bustier by Coquette - Back
Lace Taffeta Corset - Back

   If you’re looking for maximum sexy lingerie then you’ve found it with this unbelievably hot lace taffeta corset by Coquette. This lace taffeta corset is colored red and black (one of my personal favorite color combinations) and features fully boned taffeta, stretch lace and padded cups. The enclosure is a hook-and-eye and the lace pattern is flowered. It’s an interesting corset because it has all the fierceness of a corset yet it’s completely feminine. The red bows on the hips and in the middle of the chest give this bustier a balanced and sexy look. The set comes with the corset, garters, straps and removable bows. This sexy corset it available in sized from Medium to 2x-Large. This is one piece of lingerie you have to add to your collection today!

Lace Taffeta Corset Bustier by Coquette
Lace Taffeta Corset - Front

Lace taffeta corset (M)

Color: Black, Red; Material: Nylon; Weight: 11.5 oz; Product Type: Corset; Manufacturer: Coquette

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