Polka-Dot Mesh Corset by Coquette

The Polka-Dot Mesh corset by Coquette is a super-sexy hourglass shaped bustier that will make you look completely beautiful.

Polka-Dot Mesh Corset Bustier Front-and-Back
Polka-Dot Mesh Corset Front-and-Back

If you’re looking for a super-sexy corset then look no further than the Polka-Dot Mesh corset by Coquette. The design that Coquette uses for most of their corsets and bustiers usually has ruffles along the hips and across the breasts. This ruffled detailing gives the corset that very desirable hourglass shape that is sought after by women and craved by men. Having a smooth mid-section combined with the ruffle and bow detailing makes the hourglass shape stand out even more. The Polka-Dot Mesh corset has a hook-and-eye closure with two rows of hooks so you can really cinch this corset up. And who doesn’t look good in black? The black color gives you the perfect retr0-centerfold look.

The material is mesh adorned with polka-dots and it’s a stretchy fabric. The corset comes with the garter straps and has plastic boning. The Polka-Dot Mesh corset is extremely well made and is a perfect addition to your lingerie collection. You’ll never want to take it off!

Polka-Dot Mesh Corset Bustier
Polka-Dot Mesh Corset

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