What Lingerie Would I look Good Wearing?

This has always been a subject that means something different to everyone.  Many women rely on other people to tell them what clothing they should purchase.   Women go shopping together and ask each other what looks good.  Naturally, since you are wearing your outer clothing to work, you are a little more careful about what you wear on a daily basis.   We all want to be taken seriously at work and have to dress the part.

Lingerie is in a different category all its own.  You usually purchase your naughty attire by yourself –at the store or over the Internet.  What is important is that there are no rules! You can be anyone you want to be–your imagination is your only limit!

For example:  Most guys are massively turned on by any woman in lingerie.  Almost any woman, almost ANY lingerie.


  • Guys are very visual.  The more you tease, the more they want.
  • Lingerie is not the normal everyday attire-it’s mysterious & sensual
  • When you wear lingerie, you are wearing it for him, to attract and entice him (sometimes you wear it for yourself too, but that just adds to the pleasure)
  • Dressing up shows him that you want to be appealing to him, that he is important.
Crotchless French knickers

So, how to you pick what to wear?  As I mentioned above, he will probably love anything you choose so it depends on your mood.  There are times I choose items that I feel will show off my good points–maybe you have a perfect bust or shapely end.   Maybe your hips drive him wild or your stomach is tight.   Some outfits I wear more for my man, because he has told me he likes them (it’s not bad to ask them sometimes–we all know they each have their favorite things).  Comfort is king on some occasions and there are soft and sexy items to choose from as well.   (Teddies, Baby dolls, soft panties, gowns or satin robes). On the naughty but nice encounters, I go with more heels, garters and stockings.  A touch of leather or sexy props go well too–beads, feathers, and jewelry all have their place.  Bedroom costumes are always fun for both of you, and role-playing is optional.

Just remember,  If you feel embarrassed or unsure of yourself, maybe start off slow. You don’t have to jump right to being a dominatrix if that doesn’t entice you.  You have be to excited about what you are wearing as you get dressed, or he won’t get the full benefit of your arousal.   I can practically guarantee that if you are aroused, he’ll be beyond excited in anything you choose to wear.  Maximum Lingerie = Maximum effect!

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