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Super Sexy Fishnet Halter Style Teddy

   Today we’re featuring another fine piece of lingerie from Elegant Moments. As you know, Lingerie Maximum features a lot of sexy plus size lingerie but we also feature lingerie for every body type. This is one of those “one size fits all” pieces of lingerie. There are some plus size women out there with salacious curves that this fishnet halter style teddy would look absolutely perfect on. The cut-out sides will really enhance the mid-body curves. That said, this teddy will look better on pear body types than it will on apple body types.

   This teddy is fishnet and it simply ties in the back with strings. All the fabric is on the front panel and it covers just enough to keep your man looking at you! Click on the picture below to purchase this item.

Elegant Moments Fishnet Halter Style Teddy
Fishnet Halter Style Teddy With Cutout Sides -click to purchase-


Wear This Embroidered Mesh Thong Back Teddy On Your Wedding Night!

  From our featured Bridal Lingerie collection, this beautiful embroidered mesh, thong back teddiette will be perfect underneath your wedding dress. It features underwire cups and adjustable straps as well as adjustable, detatchable garters. This is a very versatile teddy and it can be worn under many different types of clothing. Of course, it’s best worn all by itself when you get your special someone all by yourself in the bedroom! It is available in white, black, red or blue and comes in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. Be sure to check our Elegant Moments sizing chart as this is another fine piece from Elegant Moments. Don’t forget to order your thigh high stockings for this delicious little teddiette.

Embroidered Mesh, Thong Back, Teddie - White
Embroidered Mesh, Thong Back, Teddy - Bridal White
Embroidered Mesh, Thong Back, Teddie - Black
Embroidered Mesh, Thong Back, Teddy - Black

Embroidered Mesh, Thong Back, Teddie - White
Embroidered Mesh, Thong Back, Teddy - Blue

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